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Conflict Competence: An Exploration of its importance and skills
Attitude of Teachers on Learning Disabilities in Children
Virtual Learning Environments and Realizing Right to Education in COVID-19 Situation More

About the Journal

From the premises that both fields of peace , Education and development are deeply intertwined in their practical and theoretical inceptions, dynamics and outcomes. The Journal promotes discussion about various issues in Education, peace research, nonviolent social change, peace and environmental movements, sustainable development, human rights, self-determination, conflict resolution, and peace education. This journal is dedicated to enhancing discourse on a wide range of theoretical issues in Education and peace research and improving our knowledge in the quest for global peace. In particular, it wishes to address strategies to deal with local, regional, or global problems. For this purpose, we promote the dialogue between peace research and policy making communities. International Journal of Education for peace and Development is published Twice a year

Aim and Scope

IJPED offers a space for:
• Identifying and examining conceptual and practical linkages between the fields of Education peace building and development;
• Fostering the theory-practice dialogues on issues of Education , peace building and development;
• Evaluating peace Education and development policies and programs and their negative and positive impacts;
• Generating critical awareness about strategies and alternatives, and sharing lessons and best practices on mutually
supportive means to prevent conflict, sustain peace and build human development.

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