Year: 2022 | Month: June | 10 | 1

The Role of Women in Peace building, Negotiation in Africa and Middle East: Libya case study

Sara Abd El Aziz El Ashrafy


Achieving peace on a global scale is the primary goal for which international and regional organizations have been established, most notably the United Nations. Major international powers, reports, and historical facts confirm that women are active in building peace. In our world today, with the beginning of the new millennium, crises are escalating at the international level. Where outbreak of wars and conflicts, especially in Africa and the Middle East, witness the Arab Spring revolutions and their outbreak in 2011 with the control of chaos and unrest that engulfed many countries and is still present and suffering from its effects until now, as the case in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Sudan with the control of terrorist groups and political Islam with an extremist ideology, where women face terrorism, and play an influential role in building peace. The study aims to determine the role of international and regional organizations (UN and African Union) in strengthening the role of women in peace-building and describe the importance of the role of women in peace-building in Africa, discuss the suffering of women in conflict areas, and crises and their changing role in these situations in Libya and the main challenges they face.

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