Year: 2020 | Month: December | Volume 8 | Issue 2

Inter-caste Communication Praxis of Namashudra Caste in West Bengal: A Caste Evidence Study

Kaushik Mandal


Caste has developed into a significant part of social identity in Indian culture throughout the decades. Discrimination based on caste has an impact on communication process. After seven decades of independence and affirmative action for improving the socio-economic standing of scheduled caste members in the society, study on the condition with reference to discrimination is urgent. The reason, discrimination creates conflict while goodwill and inter-connect bring cooperation and peaceful co-existence. The study undertaken to understand the Namashudra caste’s inter-caste communication dynamism in urban setting and rural setting from perception and experience statements by the caste member critically examined the conflict orientation in interpreting inter-caste relationship dominant in caste scholarship. Here, the researcher tests how far the conflict orientation in scholarship holds true for these localities by utilising the perception frame of Namashudra caste people who came in contact with other castes of higher ranks in their own locality. The conclusion, based on field survey among the caste members shows that inter-connect between different castes are on increase.

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