Year: 2020 | Month: June | Volume 8 | Issue 1

Role of Online Media: A Study of Happiness Index in Students’ Online Screen Use in West Bengal

Archan Mitra and Trinanjana Das


Objective: The research aims to study the correlation of happiness and online media use of the students of West Bengal and predict the level of influence that digital media can have on students’ happiness. Introduction: Digital technology has transformed the way the present generation navigates through life and form connections with each other. The years after 2010 in particular have shown a massive decline in terms of happiness which failed to rebound to the 1990s level. In fact, both adults and teens reported that they felt far less happy and satisfied, which was prevalent even till 2000 also. Incidences of low psychological well-being were prominent, besides deterioration of physical health. Hence, this study makes an attempt to gauge at how happiness and mental well-being is largely impacted owing to the rising internet addiction. The hypothesis employed for this research is: ~~
H0 – There is a strong relationship between online media use and happiness.~~H1 – There is no relationship between online media use and happiness.~~H0 – Online media use affects happiness significantly.~~H2 –Online media use does not affect happiness significantly.Methodology: Quantitative Research method has been used to evaluate both the hypothesis H1 and H2.Analysis: The regression model has been used by the researchers to analyze the students’ use of online media and the happiness associated with it. Pearson’s Correlation and simple linear regression was used to predict how much online media use affects happiness. Findings: Both the hypothesis has been proved null hence accepted through linear regression ‘r’ value percentage.

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