Year: 2020 | Month: June | Volume 8 | Issue 1

Media Literacy for Visually Impaired : How it contributes for Peace and Breaking Stereotyping Visually Impaired

Gulshan Gupta


Media utilisation with competence by visually impaired would help them in two fronts. First is transformation of image stereotype of the community among normal population. Second, it would develop their capacities to take up many initiatives which were not thought before. Peace initiatives by them is one such area. Notwithstanding efforts of large number of individuals and groups in the society to contribute towards a culture of peace, it is critical that all sections of the society participate for peace. The study, in this context, aims to establish the importance of people with visual impairment to be part of peace building efforts. It also observed the role of being media literate in this connection. The study entailed focus group discussions with seven visually impaired persons and three expert interviews. The findings of the study have been categorically presented in the paper. It was observed during the focus group discussion that media literacy can be useful to shift persons with visual impairment from problem- oriented mindset to solution -orientation which is important to promote peace in the society

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