Year: 2019 | Month: December | Volume 7 | Issue 2

Difficulties Confronted by Higher Secondary School Students in Mizoram

Lallianvungi Ringngheti Khenglawt Lallianzuali Fanai


The study conducted in Mamit District tries to find out the difficulties confronted by the students of higher secondary schools covering four (4) dimensions viz. Health, Language, Personal and Social. It was found out that most of the students are free from tensions and worries in relation to their difficulties. 86.47 percentage of the subjects could not express their feelings and ideas in English. 69 percentage agreed that they could not follow when teachers speak fast in class. 16.4 percentage were facing difficulty due to active involvement in church activities. 33.1 percentage of the learners lack self-confidence. 38.1% claimed that no support or assistance had been obtained from friends in their learning. 16.4% of the subject agreed that involvement and participation in church activities caused distractions to their learning. Teachers should try to adjust their speed according to the level and pace of the learners and at the same time ensure that the students are able to keep up with the teaching activity. Request the parents to spare more time for their children’s learning and give more cooperation in their studies will bring fruitful results in students’ learning.

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