Year: 2019 | Month: December | Volume 7 | Issue 2

Integrating Nonviolent Communication in Performing Arts to Counter Narratives of Hate

Vedabhyas Kundu


The increase in narratives of hatred across the world poses a major challenge for governments and civil societies across the world. While number of initiatives can be taken to counter the demonizing effect of hate narratives, performing arts can play a significant role in arousing public sentiments against such narratives and facilitate social harmony. Performing arts have a history of contributing to peace-building and reconciliation. The challenge, however, is on the type and nature of messages that needs to be constructed in performing arts to influence the audience. An important strategy could be to use tools of nonviolent communication while developing performances- be it theatre, music, street plays, etc. This chapter delves on the centrality of nonviolent communication in performing arts to not only counter narratives of hatred but also promote reconciliation and social harmony.

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