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Year: 2019 | Month: June | Volume 7 | Issue 1

Exploring Gratitude as an important Life Transforming Strategy

Conforte Nathalie Adonon Benin


True greatness means that, even if you forget what you’ve done for others, you never forget what others have done for you and always do your utmost to repay your debts of gratitude.
— Josei Toda
Gratitude means feeling thankful or returning the kindness or generosity received from others. As the world finds itself in turmoil and violence of different kinds, each and every individual strive to explore ways to remain happy and live peacefully. What are the different ways in which individuals can imbibe happiness? What are the methods in which individuals live peacefully? During a series of workshops which the author conducted on nonviolent communication, the participants felt a critical element of nonviolent communication which can help individuals negotiate the complexities of conflicts in their lives and make them happy was the practice of gratitude. Gratitude, the participants felt can change the lives of people as it helped them to appreciate what one had rather than on what one didn’t have. They felt gratitude can be life transforming when one starts to feel grateful for everything in their lives, possibly even when they are having problems. This chapter will look at different dimensions of gratitude, an important element of nonviolent communication which in turn is an essential ingredient for the realization of a culture of peace in our societies. The chapter will explore the perspectives of participants of different workshops conducted by the author on nonviolent communication and try to establish why practicing gratitude transforms one’s life.

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