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Year: 2014 | Month: June | Volume 2 | Issue 1

Numbers can be Fun – Innovative Way to Learn

Jaya Mukerji
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The relevance and usefulness of Mathematics demands that the subject remain with the students beyond the years during which it is compulsory to learn. Mathematics is usually a dreaded subject for students, and communicating its principles effectively to each and every student in a class (with their own unique constraints), often becomes difficult for the teacher if he or she approaches the process in a stereotypical textbook fashion. This paper throws light on some of the creative and interactive ways to teach numbers – even, odd, prime, square, etc. – to the students in the initial years of schooling, so that as they proceed to the higher levels, they carry with them an interest in the subject, appreciating its natural logic and patterns. A good way to teach mathematics is to capitalize on the characteristic logic that exists in every aspect of the subject, to first appreciate its beautifully simple patterns that connect basic algorithms to many tiered theorems. Upon doing so, spontaneous graphic teaching methods and tools unveil themselves to the teacher, and can be used to make the conventionally boring
mathematics class lively and fun for the students.

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