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Year: 2014 | Month: June | Volume 2 | Issue 1

The Dialectics of Peace Education in Israel and Palestine: Negotiating Barriers and Possibilities

Melissa Saul Micheal T. Hayes and Dawn Shinew
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The research described in this article was a qualitative examination of Israeli, Palestinian, and international peace educators’ conceptions of their work and its impact on their intended audience. The purpose of the study was to examine the participants’ conception of peace education, how they put this into practice and what barriers they experienced in conducting their work. A purposeful sampling of four Israeli, four Palestinian and four International peace educators working within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were interviewed. The participants were working to depolarize and rehumanize the stories and actions of the students in their educational programs by working through the deep intellectual and emotional issues that both Israelis and Palestinians face because of occupation. However, their visions were obstructed, both literally and figuratively, by the physical, intellectual and emotional barriers resulting from Israel’s occupation of the West Bank

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