Year: 2016 | Month: June | Volume 4 | Issue 1

Quality Assurance in Teacher Education

Md. Abdul Malek and Lokanath Mishra


Teachers are the crucial elements in preparing young people not only to face the future with confidence not build it with purpose and accountability. Education is a dynamic process of human development and empowerment. Teacher education has been widely advocated as the single important ingredient in the economic, social and political and cultural development of developing/developed society. Teacher without quality can be judged as a man without mind. Quality of teacher education depends basically on a number of factors such as infrastructure, learning environment curriculum, teaching learning materials (TLM) and teacher’s participation with demand of changing society Quality enhancement in teacher education is a deliberate process of change that leads to improvement. In academic problem two teams are often used namely “Quality Assessment and quality assurance”. They are like two sides of a coin. The formen refers to the internal and external evaluation used to assess the overall teaching research performance of the institution. There is a need for teachers in community health, guidance and counselling, research strategies, competitions personal development and student support services.

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