Year: 2015 | Month: December | Volume 3 | Issue 2

From the lens of popular magazines to academic journals: A review of Thoreau’s Life And His Civil Disobedience

Cliford Owusu Gyamfi and Abigail Gyasi
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While Thoreau represents a great intellectual point of reference in today’s political theories, this has never been always the same. The popular magazines during Thoreau’s lifetime wrote a different view about him. This paper focuses on the life of Thoreau in the course of history. How he was received during his time in some popular magazines such as The Sun and The New York Times, and how some contemporary scholars such as Henry Salt saw his work. The paper will then focus on current trends in the works of Thoreau. How scholars like Leigh Kathryn Jenco and Jack Turner see Thoreau today, and how far he has influenced the American society. The subject of criticism is a spotlight on Thoreau’s work, “Civil Disobedience”.

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